Astronomy Picture of the Day

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


After Irene...

We are overwhelmed at seeing the photos of our neighbors in Vermont and beyond
and the news of people being cut off by rivers flooding and her taking bridges, homes,
and people.

We have to pray and head back to work today
and hope we can help where we are needed.

This morning,
the belt of Orion, a familiar constellation,
shone through my window so clearly,
a clear night,
moonless sky.
I could hold my fingers up and block the light of Orion.
Did the original designer of this old house
plan it so the constellations would be in a certain position?

Then later, again,
I am brought awake to the morning radio,
and devastation
I cannot comprehend.

We are fine, the road a little messed up again,
garden plants leaning over, not broken.

Others in Vermont and elsewhere are suffering today.
Places we enjoyed driving around last week,
some of those are obliterated this week.

We pray for them.


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