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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trees under Seige ***Update

Who defends the Trees?

Come Join Addie in Monkton!Addie, a flower farmer and and folk musician of Burlington, has stopped the clearing of a section of the pipeline route for a whole day. For about two years, she's attended hearings, marches, and rallies in the campaign against the pipeline. And now she's putting her body on the line to stand up for her community and for the climate. Come support her bold action tomorrow morning! Call us at 631-742-1872 for more details.

Addie is in good spirits as she prepares for a night in the rain. But the cops are staked out under her tree and forced all of her ground support people out of the woods this morning. It's apparent that the cops are not protecting her safety and it's essential that people with technical knowledge of the tree sit are there to advocate for her. WE NEED PEOPLE TO CALL the Addison County sheriffs office and demand that they allow more of her supporters to be present as long as she remains in the tree. Here's the number: (802) 388-2981.
"We're calling on all those who want to increase local control over energy projects to join us in our effort to stop this undesirable pipeline. If we are to meet our energy needs in this state without wrecking the climate or landscapes of other communities, we need to end this system of unaccountable, corporate-owned utilities and build a truly democratic system." - Addie
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In solidarity,

Molly and the Rising Tide VT Crew

Rising Tide Vermont
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