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Monday, April 18, 2016

Earth News... #Fracking pipeline construction halted, promises broken

From the pipeline fighting front

April 18 2016

Pipeline Opponents Scale Tree, Halt Land Clearing in Monkton

Will Bennington, Rising Tide Vermont


Monkton, Vt. - For the second time in less than a month, opponents of Vermont Gas Systems' fracked gas pipeline have taken to the trees to prevent pipeline construction in Addison County. An individual is sitting in a platform thirty feet high to prevent the clearing the pipeline route.

"As we've said before, this pipeline ends with us. We don't see the state's decision to support this polluting, expensive pipeline as a legitimate decision, and will continue to get in the way of construction as much as possible," said Addie Herbert, a volunteer with Rising Tide Vermont.

Vermonters from across the state have attempted to stop the pipeline for years, through testifying at public hearings, writing letters, appealing to elected officials and intervening in the controversial Public Service Board process. Many feel they are left with no recourse but to directly intervene in construction.

"The Public Service Board showed their true colors recently, when they considered barring the public from pipeline hearings," said Jane Palmer, who's farm is less than half a mile from the tree sit. "Its no surprise that people are putting their bodies on the line when the state is putting corporations above democracy."

Vermont Gas Systems sources its gas from the Western Canada Shale Basin, one of the largest deposits of oil and gas in the world. If built, this pipeline will become a major emitter of greenhouse gas emissions for decades. "This pipeline is a direct link to the carbon and methane 'time bomb' that could push us to the brink and destroy our right to a livable planet," said Molly Stuart, and organizer with Rising Tide Vermont. "We must get serious about leaving all remaing fossil fuels in the ground immediately."

"We're calling on all who are fighting to increase local control over energy projects in the state to join us in our effort to stop this undesirable pipeline," Herbert said, in reference to recent legislation aimed at increasing town oversight in regards to renewable energy siting. "If we are to meet our energy needs in this state without wrecking the climate or landscapes of other communities, we need to end this system of unaccountable, corporate-owned energy and build a truly democratic energy system."

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Rising Tide Vermont
Twitter: @RisingtideVT

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