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Thursday, January 27, 2011


He was a dreamer
Poppa Neutrino
A sailor

He sailed and crashed upon a bluff
And they rescued the old man there.

With his young crew, dreamers too.
They were just doing what dreamers sometimes do.

Once I heard his story true.
His lifetime of sailing,
His loyal crew.

I cannot dislike this old man of the sea.
I saw someone I really wanted to be.

He was a handsome old rugged man
With a rascally smile.
Weathered brown skin.
Infinite wile.

Some were enraged at the debris he left upon the rocks.

I followed his story and wondered in vain
What he talked about, did it sound insane?
Late at night in the darkness
while sailing the sea
with this freshman crew
on a raft
Across the wide waters
narrow channels
and storms,
what were his stories,
the old eccentric sailor
who defied
them all.

One man I wished I had met.
Poppa Neutrino
ocean raft sailor
hero to the lost cause

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  1. Made me think ... and also remember my times on the water. Thanks.


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