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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Words better to say it with

Another word has been on my mind since I read it on Wobbly-Teetering blog (link far down on right).
I hesitated asking what it meant, for fear it would be a misspelling, or an obvious word I should know.
When I asked Che what it meant, and she explained, she opened up another new way for me to say,
extreme whining...the most annoying kind. It is a British-Australian word.
The word, and I think you will agree, that is better to say "it" with ("it" being extreme whining),
(pronounced like it rhymes with cringing).

And when I catch myself whingeing so bad my ears ring,
I promise to stop myself and
laugh at my new


  1. good word to remember when I begin my siren wail of woe - is - me's!

  2. So true, LauraX. Thanks for stopping by and for your honesty. Come on, don't we all whinge a little? Mary


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