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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Blogger Review

My Blogger Review for 2010.
I now have my favorite bloggers list down on the right hand column.

My blog is still being fueled by a need I have to tell a story.
My inner desire to publish my own variety newspaper, in this
new medium, one I can see, share and revisit.
I started blogging several years ago after being diagnosed with MS.
The clinical info was one thing. But I wanted to know the real
story. I was drawn to Lisa Emrich's blog, Brass and Ivory. Excellent in every way.
Through Lisa I found Herrad's very special blog Access Denied,
Marc's entertaining informative Wheelchair Kamikaze,
More favorites: Judy's Peace be with you, Chain Reaction, Words Salads.
Daily Athens shares life in this ancient city as well as German
poetry,  photos, philosophy. Also Che with her fabulous shoes at Wobbly Teetering...
These and the other blogs I list are my galaxy.
on, looking over the kitchen sink draws me to a kinder gentler place....

I have to limit the number I follow, but I try to read their stories even if I am late sometimes.
Like a newspaper, my list consists of blogger friends who lighten the day
with their kind and honest pearls
chronicling life in the 20 tens.....


  1. I am honored to be included in your galaxy.

  2. Excuse this late arrivel, but as public transport is once again on strike ... for nearly the whole next week ! it would indeed be nice to escape into the universe in search for another place.

    Thank you for this honour very much. Please have a good Sunday.

    daily athens


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