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Friday, January 21, 2011

Silence is not a sign

is not a sign of agreement

instead, it can be a sign of

giving up
a time to huddle up

See posting on Sprachlos,
don't know what to say,
too much snow, winter, fatigue from impending and past taxes,
how will we keep our precious farm
our jobs
our health,
our sanity.

But if I am silent about health care single payer
It is not because I think it is a wonderful panacea as sold.

It is because as with other miraculous easy fixes,
Single payer will prove another weight around our necks.
It looks like a done deal anyway.

Is that an affirmation?

See my posts on health care morass.

I wrote my legislators like Peter Welch about my opinions about health care,
single payer, government control over health care.
He sent me a cute myths page.

Like I do not know one thing about health care, or illness, or what it is like to be a middle class white american working woman
with ms
While I work to help people access long term care services
for the past 30 years.

As if he can say he knows more than I do.
Guess I will be silent for now.
Can you hear that?


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