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Monday, January 10, 2011

More about Fleece

I have posted a little about that wonderful fabric called fleece.
Spun plastic bottle waste.
Fleece comes in all colors, patterns, thicknesses.
Does not fray, fade or shrink (do not subject to heat). No fabric softener (I gave that up anyway).
This week I finally finished my curtains I made with white polar fleece.
The white really helps the light come through.
The curtain nothing more than folding over making a simple loop at the top for a curtain rod.
You really could make these curtains without sewing.
You can cut ties and tie the curtain top.
Use safety pins to hang up.
The reason I say this is because fleece really blocks the drafts we get from our windows.
I believe energy saving. These will last awhile, they already make it feel warmer in here.
My theory also is: I think they attract dust? and keeps it from stirring in the air?
Not sure.
I bought by the bolt online after shopping around which is cheaper than local.
Watch out for shipping costs.
Keep warm.


  1. Nice idea! Speaking of fleece, I bought Nicole and I a couple of robes made of fleece. Mine was purple and hers white.

    I wore mine out (LOL) so I cut a square out of the back. I accidently melted part of Nicole's robe on the glass surface of the gas stove. Soooo, I am going to cut the same size square out of that and make a pillow. It will remind me of our shopping trip to buy robes.

    Love fleece!

  2. Will be a very special pillow. I stuff my pillows with scrap fleece in little pieces. I bought 20 pounds of scrap fleece and have a blast making scarves, blankets, etc. I love fleece and it is space age fabric.Thanks for the comments, enjoy your week.Mary

  3. I have never heard of scrap fleece. I will look...

    Yes it will be a special pillow. I want to add some special touches to it.

  4. Great idea. I love fleece. I wear it as much as possible! I wish I could sew, instead I have to purchase my "lined" curtains at the store.

    Congrats on your beautiful curtains. They sound wonderful.

  5. Thanks for comments. I bought scraps from 40 dollars for 10 pounds. No sewing required for informal curtains. you literally could safety pin them, staple them or cut tabs and tie them on. Long underwear my next project...Mary


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