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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Told You

I told you how cruel I thought the tax policy was

And how much this all hurt me

I told you.

I told them.

They did not even note my comments in their sketchy sometimes posted always late minutes.

A Bobcat crossed in front of me this morning on Rotax Road.

Right where I took this picture on 1.1.11

What a weird sequence of events to get me on the road, at that time.

I am usually a few minutes later.

I called the Bobcat Willy.

I told them how I thought they should revise the delinquent property tax

And hold the town officials accountable.

I told them

And they ignored me.

Why should I tell them again?

I told them

mary gerdt 01.04.2011 Monkton Vermont in my 4th generation farmstead kitchen.
miraculously we hang on here paying these obscene taxes
tied up in a statewide, locally administered, locally enforced by local town policies as varied
as the leaves in fall.
I have to proceed to the next chapters.
this is for the record.
please write to anyone who will listen that the Vermont property tax laws are very broken.
the legislature promised reform and now want to chase butterflies like single payer.
we have hungry unemployed and hurting vermonters.
let it be known that i told them
and they did not care

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