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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreams and waking

Dreams are safe places,
Even when you fall and fall and even
When you finally land with a thump
and waken.

Dreams are places we go to
all that is possible.
Free from encumbrances
of ego,

Dreams are a proving ground for dreams.
Is it just a dream or could it become
a reality?

Dreams are made of complex thought
They are Simple too,
a magically easy way to solve
Our complicated problems.

So when I need to solve a problem,
I will sleep on it.
And dream.

Waking on the other hand,
Is not dreaming, not sleeping,
Is this what we endeavor to call

Is that the opposite of a dream?

Waking is what today really looks like,
Real world moments,
Mixing with other people's dreams,
Opens your eyes.

Waking is a way to say,
No, that was just a dream.
My brother's phrase,
Dreaming in the daytime,
Is another way to say,
Dreams are for sleeping.

Still a girl can hope her dreams
become a time of waking,
and hope when waking,
She will see her dreams
come true.


  1. This is lovely and thought provoking. As an aside, you might want to check out Diane's A Stellar Life recent post on lucid dreaming. Your post and hers are somewhat, though not entirely, related.

  2. Thanks Judy. Will check out Diane's post. Interesting subject.

  3. beautiful...dreams are powerful and can be the catalysts we need to awaken us to deeper possibilities, not just a brighter tomorrow, but a clearer now.

  4. Even though I 'lost' so many of them, still spend way too much time of the day / night with dreaming. Great entry indeed. Please have a good Wednesday.

    daily athens


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