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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woodchuck Day Bizzard 2011

Well, the winter season is gearing up. As it is for a big part of the US.
8 inches of snow here this am for the prequel.
1-2 inches an hour so far since 8 am.

Happy woodchuck Day to all the woodchuck worshippers.
I grew to love our old woodchuck up back. He possibly lived under
one of Ed's old buildings. At first I felt threatened by his large appearance.
He was close to the garden and our main food source.
But then I watched him from the upstairs window. He really stayed up
by the building and did not go to the garden.
We mowed some areas up back to keep the bugs and critters back.
When we mowed it, clover came up, just like Dad said. The sunlight caused the dormant seeds
to sprout. Is that what it means "every thing's coming up clover". anyway, the tune was in my head.
Anyway, woodchucks love clover.
Which is why he did not ever leave his patch of heaven.
And I could enjoy seeing that dog like huge rodent (and they are nearly blind-I do not believe he could see me.)
Now he is gone, another natural consequence of living.
I dedicate this blizzard to him.
Happy woodchuck's Day

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