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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Reading

Here are 2 books that came to me.
First, Mississippi River Festival came from Donna who was an usher there
for a number of seasons. This is a fun book, great pictures and stories
about this short lived rare musical bubble. I could not even believe how
many great stars of the day were there. I was lucky to see a number
of these concerts and memories to hold forever.
Then, I was in the lunch room one day at work
(in Vermont, mind you),
and was wearing my authentic replica of a Mississippian
arrowhead, going on and on about Cahokia,
our recent visit and the special-ness of this place.
Penny, my coworker, said, Cahokia?? She had just read this
 book by Timothy Pauketat about Cahokia.
It leaves you with more questions than answers, a well written
honest account of the mysterious culture I errantly thought had died out.
These books sat next to each other.
I noticed the tent looked a bit like a Mound of the Mound builders,
and imagined as they excavated layers of ancient burial mounds,
did they release a puff of energy contributing to the amazing
short lived MRF?
Winter Reading is well worth a day on the couch.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations, woohoo!

  2. The pictures in Mississippi River Festival are great. The info is fun. I have a short silent film clip of Dr. Hook and Sha na na and was kissed by Santini as part of the show. I swooned! Cahokia is just plain cool. They have a great visitor center too in Cahokia, Illinois.

  3. Can't even remember when last time I finished reading a book, must be years now already ... excuse this 'late' arrival', yet had various difficulties to open your site.
    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  4. Thanks Robert for stopping by and commenting. Hard to find time for books anymore. Have a great day!Mary


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