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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Legacy of words

All she had were words
at the end.

A string of words on pages
scribbled at the end of the day
or when she was too tired to write the whole story.

Hoping the words would help her recapture the moment she had that
Aha type moment
at the end of her day.

The next morning, a clear cold sky awaits the next battle,
the next battle scars,
the challenge to help her find the strength
to endure the day after tomorrow.

The scars a memory of stressors past,
now so distant seeming,
but still full of feelings,
things could have gone a better way.

Yes the mean people shall not falter
or fall in front of you,
but wait a minute, you need do nothing,
rest assured, traveler,
they will fall.

The universe was meant to right the wrongs and wrong the rights
and at the end of the day,
perhaps we can find some solace
in that thought.

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