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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blues the colors


The Color Blue,
Is said to be cool.

Why does it feel warm to me?

How special blue that color must have been

Seen in in the eyes of

The first space explorers
as they tried to capture that shade of color
and clicked photos of the sky

From above.

Down here, in February in Vermont,
Blue is a sign of
Colder arctic air sitting on us.
Sitting air better than blustery blowing air.
As cold as the air is,
the sun is the reward.

Even in long low rays,
The sun warms our spirits.
And gives us hope for spring.

notes: Blue is my all time favorite color.
We were told heaven was in the sky and Heavenly Blue is a phrase.
Blues Music although often sad, has an uplifting quality.
Turning Blue is a sign of no oxygen
Our blue sky is because of Nitrogen reflection
It is a blue you cannot touch
And hard to capture just what your eye sees.

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