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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Change in the Weather

I have not said much about the dreaded global weather debate.
It is an argument which is as futile and silly as arguing with my cat Tommy.
Oh we have had a change in the weather, in fact as they say wait a day the weather will change.

No this wind, this wind is blowing from other directions.

When I found out my property was on a priority list for eco warriors,
it was too late to really address.
By then, the plan to take my property at a tax sale fell through.
I felt like Mr. Magoo, oblivious to who might have been sitting there,
pen in hand, ready to take something I have worked towards my whole life.
My life blood really.

So when I hear the allegations of warmer climates to come, and how the bats will die
if someone does not take your property, money or lifeblood,
I only can say it is a lie.

The crows are not people haters and loners. We talk to Pa Crow and his family everyday, we throw out bits of bread and stale crackers for them and we look at them, and they look at us.
Caw, Caw, Caw.

I love this land more than just about anything in the world. What it means to me,
They really never cared.
Sometimes I sit and wonder who was sitting there, checkbook in hand, at the tax sale of my property that never came to fruit.
I think they were probably furious their plan failed,
Curse, foiled again.

I tried to get someone to care about what happened to us.
My blog Galaxy people got it, and a few others.

So when I am sore from shoveling and more snow on the way,
I have no doubt there is a change in the air,
a Change in the weather.

Time  for spring, already.

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