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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Special Edition Gas Round up and call for Action #fracking

Special Edition

As much as I would like to be more current with posting progress by the
Fracking Pipeline opponents, friends of Mother Earth 🌏 and Me.

Start w most recent,
A call to action.

Make a trip out of it Come and ski, too. Skiing is phenomenal this year.
Best wishes!

do folks know about this 'day of denial' climate action? please join me at bernie's office on monday @ noon!

Day Against DenialJanuary 09, 2017 • 12:00 PMSen. Bernie Sanders office1 Church St.Burlington, VT 05401
Thank you for signing up to attend a #DayAgainstDenial event at your Senators’ offices on Monday. Many Senators still haven’t stated how they’ll vote publicly, and as we've already seen, nothing is for certain.
In order for these actions to have the most impact, we need them to be big. These Senators need to know that their constituents are watching and will remember how they vote.
We need as many people as possible to show up on Monday. Can you share this call to action with your friends and family on Facebook?
This election was a reminder that our democracy only works when people are engaged. That's why thousands of people across the country will be rallying Monday inside and outside Senate offices. For those people in your life who are looking to get active, please share this opportunity with them.
The climate is changing and anyone who denies it should not be in the Cabinet. These men could do enormous damage -- and our Senators should take a stand and reject each of them.
Help make these actions huge by inviting your friends, family and networks to join you in the streets.
A few other important reminders:
  • Double check the details for your event by finding it on the map here.
  • Signs and art are very welcome! If you want ideas, here’s a visuals and art making toolkit.
  • Bring your friends! Lots of people are looking for ways to get active right now.
  • Take photos and videos at the action and share them on social media with #DayAgainstDenial so people all across the country can see how powerful we are together.
See you out there,

P.S. - Not sure where your Senator stands on the Climate Denying Cabinet? We’ll be tracking the votes here.

UPDATED: Tierney to be next Public Service Department commissioner
The department regulates power, telecommunications and gas utilities. Tierney obtained her juris doctorate from the Vermont Law School in 1993 and ...

Top local stories 2016
Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the primary election on March 1. ... A protester is arrested at an Oct. 20 protest against Vermont Gas Systems in Hinesburg.

I hope you will sign on and pass along to any others who may be interested.
Many thanks,
Sandy Levine

Vermont Gas is expecting customers to foot the bill for the spiraling cost of their pipeline project.

CLF Logo

When someone bungles the work they’ve been doing on your house, you don’t expect to foot the bill for their mistakes. The same should go for expensive gas pipelines – but this is not the case so far for Vermont Gas.

Its new pipeline extension was approved for $86 million – but since then, the cost has nearly doubled.

What’s worse, now it wants gas customers like you and me to foot the bill for this extra cost, without having any say in the matter.

We’re not about to stand by and let that happen – but we need to tell regulators that we don’t want to foot the bill for Vermont Gas’s mistakes.

Add your name: Tell the Vermont Public Service Board to revoke Vermont Gas’s permit. 

If enough of us speak up, the Public Service Board cannot ignore the will of the people. Help us speak up for Vermont.

In solidarity,
Team CLF 

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                                                          TO CLF

CLF protects New England's environment for the benefit of all people. We use the law, science, and the market to create solutions that preserve our natural resources, build healthy communities, and sustain a vibrant economy. 

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