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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gas News Roundup part 2 #fracking trans Vermont pipeline

Beginning with a link to article about
A Special Friend

Annette has been instrumental in protecting the environment of our Vermont home.

From our neighbor w/link to the digger article

It appears that the pipeline topped vtdiggers list of 2016 environmental stories. Maybe Hinesburg Residents' saving Geprags Park from VGS will top the 2017 list!

From our Youth: not all the links work...
Fracking is illegal in Vermont, but that hasn’t stopped Vermont Gas Systems from trying to build a major fracked gas pipeline that would run through our state. The pipeline is a terrible idea for Vermont and for the climate—and it doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I’m organizing a statewide network of student activists from across Vermont to stop it.
The Vermont Student Power Network officially launched this fall, but it started this summer at Power Shift Northeast in Philadelphia. 
At Power Shift, participants broke into caucuses by state so we could connect about local work. In the Vermont breakout, dozens of incredible activists came together and talked about campaigns we were working on—including our fight against the fracked gas pipeline. At one point, someone said: “You know, there used to be a statewide student network in Vermont.” Everyone in the room agreed: we should bring it back.
I couldn’t wait to to start building power with these incredible organizers as soon as I got back to Vermont. But I was even more excited to know that young people from other states were making similar plans and connections at that exact moment. As a member of the regional organizing team for Power Shift Northeast, I felt so proud to be part of making all those connections possible.
At the beginning of the fall semester, we held our first retreat—and the new Vermont Student Power Network was official. And our first major campaign will be to build statewide resistance against the Vermont fracked gas pipeline.
Someone says “I’m really interested in what you’re doing!” to me at least once a week. We’ve already established a first chapter on my campus, at Green Mountain College, and another at Middlebury. Next, we’re planning a major recruitment drive for the beginning of 2017 to build an even bigger base across the state.

Me (third from the right) with the staff and volunteer organizing team at Power Shift Northeast this summer
Power Shift opened a door for building power at a level that would never have happened otherwise. I know that the kind of relationships we built in Philadelphia are some of the most critical building blocks of this movement.
I know that over the next four years, grassroots resistance will be needed more than ever. Between the Student Power Network, classes, and my job at my college’s Sustainability Office, I have plenty on my plate—but I just ran for and was elected to Board of the Power Shift Network. I joined the Board because believe in this work so much—creating more opportunities for students and young leaders like me to organize, build power, and win.
In solidarity,
Yaz Najeebi
PS: If you want to find out more about the Vermont Student Power Network and our work to fight the Vermont fracked gas pipeline, you should check out our Facebook page here!

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