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Saturday, November 24, 2012



I was looking for the invisible transparent thing,
Harder to see than a needle in a haystack,
It was like looking for a hay blade in a haystack,
Everything blended as one.

Open Transparent meetings would be the law of the land.
Did you see through that one too?
They would pay your lawyer, if you win,
Guess that means the lawyer gets paid either way,
Hey, why do we need a lawyer anyway, if it is so

Do you remember school before I pads and DVD's,
We had Transparencies, They still use them.
Transparencies were an interesting concept too,
You put words and images in a transparent film.
What gets through makes the image. It is not 100 percent transparent.

I want the 100 percent transparent government.
Not the one where I have to go haystack to haystack
wondering what I am even looking for,
its bewilderment obscuring any


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