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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Psalm Challenge 81

Psalm Challenge 81

We revelled in the sound of song, tambourine, harp, drums, lyre and horn.
A song we had never heard before, angelic, a celebration, satiety for our souls.

We searched for reasons, was it our fate, or a blind gift, a random act?
The song sang out an end to slavery, hunger, hatred, and sins against others.

There were those in the audience, inattentive, impertinent, downright rude,
I could not understand their alien language. What planet did they come from?

They worshipped things, and stuff, and weird animal shapes.
They thumbed their noses at songs of hope being practised by our choir.

We learned a lesson from being out in the cold.
We should have, would have, could have had the faith.

Learning now the moral of an ancient song from long ago,
Your faith is rewarded, tested, abandoned, returned to,
bringing us back to
Must we never stop learning?

When will we eat honey from the rock?

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  1. Love your two last questions.

    Thank you very much for your kind participation. Please have you all a wonderful Sunday.

  2. The honey from the rock phase always leaves me a little mystified.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you friends. Dina, I think of you when I read the Psalm, re-read and then try to make a story to mirror the lessons. This lesson gives me a deeper understanding of the words. Best wishes, mary


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