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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 17

Interview with a Clone

by mary e. gerdt

All rights reserved 2012

Chapter 17

The Humdrum of a New Day

Alice woke up that day a little late. She missed the breakfast that Georgia served. Now Alice was on her own.

She rummaged through the food storage unit, nibbling, grazing on loose fruits and a bag of nuts she found. She had to hurry to get ready for the live interplanetary radio show with Gigi. She washed it all down with a swig of Japanese beer. ‘Whoa!”, Alice shook her head as the bitter powerful brew bit her all the way through. She took another drink, this time, immune to the bite.

The interviews had become more routine now, a masterful choreography by Gigi and brilliant follow through by Alice. From the beginning they both added details from life: life’s lessons, heartaches, triumphs, and sharing their Normalcy.

“Normal is good,” Last interview started with Gigi setting the subject. Ok, thought Alice, normalcy is the subject, I can do this.

“Absolutely,” Said Alice, and she proceeded to do a dissertation on Normalcy, Humdrum, Routine-isms, Boring lifestyles that lead to long and fulfilling +/- boring lives, “There can come a day, Gigi, when your life returns to normalcy, and you will be grateful.”

Gigi replied, “Affirmative.”

Even though Gigi felt she really wanted more challenges, like being the first long term woman occupant of Mars.

They broke for commercials.

Alice had been fondling an envelope all day. It was the one with the letter from her mother, written long ago, perhaps meant to be not so public?

She peered in the ripped corner of the envelope…the..unknown..fortune teller…she could see no more…Alice pried a little more.

"The unknown fortune teller has a name,"

Alice read in the letter.

"Her name is


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