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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving (U.S.)


I will never forget
The grade school images, crayon smells as we colored images of Thanksgiving
turkeys, pilgrims, native americans, leaves, corn stalks, pumpkins,
then we pasted them up on the giant windows of Columbus school.
we were told they all sat down at one table, long ago
The pilgrims in our school stories never got sick, or died, nor did their
native american guides. Nobody fought or struggled, or was really real.
Those story pilgrims were as 2 dimensional as the colored construction paper.
I want the real story,
the sickness, death, the struggles extreme, the interpersonal struggles
over power, property, money or love.
How quickly did the native americans contract deadly illnesses because they had no natural immunity?
Were there pilgrims who secretly prayed for return to European civilization of the day?
How many did they bury of the pilgrims before they had the Thanksgiving harvest?

Fast forward to today:
I give thanks for all we have and hope you have a wonderful feast per the tradition in the U.S.


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