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Monday, November 19, 2012



back to work.
cats revert to all day naps,
after a can of this and can of that, scoop of this, petting, treats.

Yesterday we were encouraged seeing Tommy tearing out at full speed,
behind him, on his heels, was Meridien aka Whitney aka Girly Girl.
She apparently impressed Tommy so much he pretty much stopped stalking her yesterday
(these are cats i am talking about).
I unconsciously called the "new" cat Girly Girl.
She always was, well, Girly-like. Pretty white and black cat. Soft fur, affectionate.
I really started to think about cats having subroutines in their brains,
like Whitney had one subroutine when she lived with us, then Meridien had another for the majority of her life. She responded more to calling her Whitney here, but still not as strong as Girly-Girl. She likes this new name, to go with this new subroutine.

Fred dug a few more carrots last night and pronounced the garden closed for the winter.
Thursday is Thanksgiving (U.S.) and time for feasting and celebrating,
giving thanks to the harvest, to God, and the forces that give us our bounty.
The cats will give thanks for scraps of turkey.
For now we go to work to earn the bread,
it is


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