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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

31 Days


until heaven knows what

might happen on Earth,
according to some
the calendar ends.
 Do you believe
in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies,
Easter Bunnies,
God or an equivalent Deity,
can you accept those who do?
Can you accept that humans have
and yet some traits are similar?
Would they all look alike
and flawed
as they face
Judgement Day?
31 days
until the day light hours gain again,
that alone is worth
with or without
the end of the world,
heaven only knows.


  1. I do believed in them all once. Know them now to be random acts of kindness. I do my best not to judge, so I'll say yes. I will forgive many things if they have chocolate and are willing to share! If we weren't different, life would be really dull.
    It sure is on that day either way I'll be doing a happy dance.
    Mary love this post, hope you don't mind my answering it this way. Enjoy the way you write. Have a happy day, Hugs

  2. Mary, I love the way you comment! Complementary for sure! have a great day and enjoy all your guardian angels, no matter what her or his name is.:)mary

  3. Great mean to measure time and life. Yes, am sure the world will see various surprises within these days. Only the very best for you.

    1. Thanks always for the kind comments, and sincerely hope you and yours fare well in the new world order.mary


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