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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day (U.S.)

Election Day U.S. style,

"The public"
who is us,

"gets to vote"
which mysteriously transforms to an electoral college representative,

"they are given every opportunity"
some more than once or even posthumously,

"to show their freedom"
to be taxed silly,

"their patriotism"
can you believe there are people so disillusioned,
they do not vote at all? I do.

"In One Nation"
still is one,

"Under God"
hold on, someone is offended already,
modify to:
"Under your all powerful one, multiple ones, or non entity of empty nothingness"

"So we may elect a chosen one to lead us from despair
and deliver us to Blissful Utopian Synergistic Splendiforousity."
(I added that last go vote, it does make a difference!)


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  1. Certainly the whole world awaiting the result. Much success for the winner.


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