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Monday, November 12, 2012

Arlo Guthrie & The Dillards

Fred got 2 free tickets to see Arlo Guthrie in Rutland, VT last night
at the Paramount,
a stately old friendly venue
where we got to see the son of Woody Guthrie do a tribute
to his Father and life in general,
a rambling fantastic journey,
I started 37 years ago when I saw him and Pete Seeger at the Mississippi River Festival.
I was 17.
Tonight seat #17.
He was great tonight, his music disciplined, precise and loose at the same time,
His dad's tunes, tunes of his dad's era, tunes of Arlo's era,
stories intermingled, a biography,
and understated, perhaps as a shield,
he lost his wife a few weeks ago,
and they were so infinitely close,
so rarely perfectly matched,
it would seem he would be paralyzed by this,
and yet, he performed as I am sure she would want,
the music that they shared.
This video link is one she filmed and I found on you tube.
So if you get a chance to see Arlo's show, you will be truly enthralled
with his music and musing.
Thanks to Seven Days Newspaper for 2 tickets to this great show!

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