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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photo from NASA History twitpics...

Love the NASA History Twit-pics...
like this one.

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X-15 mounted on B-52
Photo by NASA

last night is NCIS x 2 night
CBS has options to watch online too
well we still watch the shows a second time to get
the whole plot figured out...mostly.
Then Vegas is on which once again we will watch re runs later online.
abc cancelled Last Resort for which I am deeply disappointed
We will finish watching all 13 shows. It is a masterful
political science military civilian thriller.
other than that, after cancelling our satellite tv, we watch pbs cooking shows,
you tubes and the cats and blogging
Twitter has been fun for me, randomly landing on photos like this one.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mary! My dad worked on the space program in Huntsville, Alabama back in the days. He did all the programming for the Saturn rockets. =)

    I still remember feeling the rockets being "tested", the earth would shake. =)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sherry! You have a very cool Dad in my book! Enjoy the holidays! mary


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