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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bonamassa performs at the Home of Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll!

very cool video...history of rock and roll
the blues
@The Fabulous Fox...
always good music to be had in and around st. louis
here is an important part of the history, the source of rock and roll

click here for free music download from joe bonamassa

meanwhile, in 1967, my mom painted this pic of downtown edwardsville,
20 miles east of st. louis
i just imagine a blues piano man playing at the blue note lounge


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  1. Cannot remember when or if I went to fabulous Fox. Was it Rocky horror picture show? Sorry, venues never much mattered to me then. Do remember Mississippi nights, Burkhardt's. Re: Mom's Painting buildings left to right: One hour martinizing dry cleaners,The Impala lounge,I forget,Blue Note Lounge,Insurance co?, The Pool Hall (I did a story about Herman and the pool hall), and the jail tree (tree in front of the jail). Woolworth's wall only is visible far right. All different now. mary's notes


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