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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Psalm Challenge 80

am thinking of the people of Israel hoping for peace,
as I read this Psalm,
about hoping God will come soon,
with only tears for food,
I thought of this poem I wrote awhile ago.

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After Awhile
first draft
by Mary E. Gerdt
After Awhile

After Awhile,
Things will be better,

Time will have passed,
Regrets will have faded,

Sorrows will dry after
The crying,

You will feel better,
Not like your dying.

After while,
When your back home

And safe in your place
Where you can roam,

And be one with nature,
Feel carefree again,

After awhile,
When we are older,

And we are settled,
And we are bolder,

We’ll reach for the sky,
Like we did before,

We’ll lose all our fear,
That closes the door.

After awhile,
The sorrow will fade,

That tugs at our heart strings,
That God alone made,

To keep us as humans, not a machine,
Who is hurt by a word, or an unkind deed.

Who heals when times get better and then,
Who bleeds and cries when losing a friend.

No mechanical device, we are flesh and blood,
And tears that we cry,
Rain down from above,
And fall from our faces down to the ground,
And wash off the fairies who watch us and frown,
Sad at all of our earthly emotions,
They stay close at hand when you’re feeling so lonely.

Never think you are alone in the middle of the night,
Or think your small world is causing a fright,
Open up and see the rest of the world
Is on your doorstep and ready to right,

All the bad ills and bad feelings you have,
May you see a world not so bad.
When you are feeling fear and evil intentions,
Look at a flower and its simple invention,

It is not so simple after all,
The flower can lift spirits after a fall,
The scent takes us to places long gone,
With the passing of time,
After while,
Sorrow will be done.



  1. Yes, poetry might help to get through this difficult part of time, when life feels rather like a building site. Such hope as in your lines, might be a good 'cornerstone'.
    Please have a good Sunday, and thank you very much for your kind participation.

  2. Magnificent text ; I was very moved when I read it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  3. Thanks to everyone who participates in Psalm Challenge. The comments are helpful as we try to interpret the Word. mary

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Kim, It is like every time I read it, another chapter opens up...:) Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful day warm! Mary


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