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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Psalm Challenge 78

always had a little trouble with deadlines,
just finished psalm challenge 78

Finally, for the first time from the inside, I stared at the walls of my grandfather and grandmother’s house, a mystery to me since I was too young to live here, the ownership lost to still fuzzy details, unknown to me circumstances.

Hoping for clarity, or perhaps a sign, information, a lesson, was it there, in the walls? Thinking I might develop a feeling, see something that sparked a connection. There was nothing shown to me, no sign.

At the graveside, when my mother’s ashes joined her parents and her brother, it was her feeling that I felt, her desire to return to the loving arms of her family, especially her father who she lost abruptly when she was 5 on the eve of the Great depression of 1930. Mom finally found the answers she had been looking for on the material plane.

Her faith shaken again and again, she emerged stronger at every trial. Teaching us the lesson we were looking for in the beginning, now with no Mom to share the story with, or

is she here,

giving me the foundation and encouragement to write this down,

when she declared to me,

“I hope you are taking notes.”


  1. This Psalm also had me thinking of my Mum.

    1. I believe it is about learning from elders or experienced without having to suffer the pain yourself. Faith, belief you can get through, sometimes that is all we have. Yet were the signs there, in that house, that I was looking for? I just did not "see" them? Thanks for stopping by. Best wishes, mary

  2. Very moving entry indeed.

    Thank you very much for your kind attention and participation. Yes, taking notes surely kept me away from trouble. Thank you for this exercise for thought, what is first, thought or sign. Please have a good new week ahead.


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