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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Psalm Challenge 89

psalm challenge #89
each week, i have been studying the next psalm,
googling god so to speak
hoping to channel some of what makes the foundations
of humanity
you know, the nice side,
hopefully the nice ones.
We are all flawed by design however
even god
being all inclusive
take the bad with the good
last night,
news of dad taking ill,
i am silently crushed and not surprised
utterly powerless
as is he
He carried the dna that makes half of me
and i feel it about half the time
so events started colliding with my
psalm challenge post-planning.
Research yielded David, Immanuel, the Covenant,
the Promise God made
to sons of David
he said, hang in there, i will be there for you
This Psalm song was sung by Ethan,
(also the name of a local vt rebel Hero)
I woke up and checked out the news.
janis joplin is 70 today
the first song that came to mind
fit so well with the sentiments of this psalm
love and pain
faith and redemption

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  1. thank you very much for your effort, and this once again very moving entry.

    please have a kind sunday ahead. many getting well wishes ! thank you for your kind participation.

  2. Sorry to hear your Dad is unwell ... I do hope he recovers soon.

  3. Thanks friends for comments.Dad is stable as 90 can be. It is hard to be old. Have a great week. mary

  4. Shalom Mary. Wishing the best for your father and you. Thanks for going on with these thoughts you connect with this psalm, in spite of your worry.

  5. Mary, praying for ease... for your father, for you as well.


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