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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Same snow, different year

Snow, Monkton, Vermont, stock photo

I know, I know,
We should live in the moment

take pictures
tomorrow when tomorrow is today

This time of year, late January
1/2 way through winter
it is easy to get photo-fatigue,
kind of a mental white out.

I think these were from President's day 3 years ago.
We got about 6 inches so far of fluffy snow even in the valley,
Expected to go to 50+ wednesday,
then freezing again. The second January thaw.

Just knowing that, makes it hard to take pictures
when I should be shoveling.



  1. What a fine place name - although I think that there should be a "c" as well as a "k"!!

    Girt means to encircle - so "our home is encircled by sea" - which being an island is always going to be the case!

    Nice snow - even if it involved time travel! Stewart M.......

  2. Thanks Stewart for dropping by and commenting..maybe the town would consider correcting the name! Have a great day,mary

  3. I miss the snow. That's a lovely photo Mary. It's raining here today, thunderstorms of all things. Our second January thaw.


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