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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skipping Wednesday

Skipping Wednesday,
Nothing to say,
Snow, Snow, Snow,
Snowing all day.

Skipping Wednesday,
Driving on ice was a b*tch,
Michelins and Big Red
Kept me out of the ditch.

A woman stood, phone in hand
in the middle of the road.
She waved me down
slow down, she motioned,
as she coordinated the call.
It was icy there, between the lake and the mountain.

Looking to my right,
I saw now,
what the matter was.
Three cars, scattered randomly,
My eyes scanned for injuries.

I watched the people from the accident mill around,
looking steady and fine.
The cars looked bashed up,
replaceable, tow able, paint able.

The woman in charge looked at me scanning,
She said,
No one is hurt.

I turned on down the hill,
into the icy mess.
Going slower in Big Red.

Now thinking, bet those poor people,
wishing they were not stuck there,
would just as soon have
skipped Wednesday, too.


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