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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Psalm Challenge 87

adirondack morning
His Foundation is in the Holy Mountains

king james version

At first study, I was going to post about how separation of church and state is a myth like separation of a human and their mind.
These Adironadacks, above, might be strewn with windmills of folly were it not for the conservationists, seeing Zion in this image.
And my image of mountains always there,
my Mother telling me stories of mountains when I was a child.
She visited her Aunt in Tucson and came back and said the mountains were so grand there. Every morning she woke up and they were there.
And my Mom’s voice this morning saying in my mind
I hope you are taking notes
and the photo snapped this morning
calling to me

And this song is in my head all day

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  1. oh to be born on a moutain where such songs are made.
    certainly a very moving movie, loved the way the song is sung, especially the accent.
    "workers" at 2:35 thoughtful.
    thank you very much for your always interesting interpretations and your effort very much !
    thank you for the inspiration to work on the subject 'work'.
    please have you all a good sunday.

  2. That's a good ole mountain song for sure. Mountains are exotic and majestic to me, who was born and raised and still lives at sea level beside the Pacific Ocean (though not close enough to actually see it from my house, unfortunately!!) I love mountains.

  3. Quite some memories and quite a song.

  4. Ah the mountains are my home, though they are vey low mountains in comparison to elsewhere in the world.
    The majesty of mountains certainly makes me think of God.

  5. I want to explain the separation of church and state comment. What I could tell, this Psalm explores that God is important in government or the minds of government people. At least that is how I saw it. Not to preach or convert others, we are self directed. Only to say, there is a higher power, include that power in your government. I believe the separation has left us lacking a part of our personal rainbow. I think it is the purple stripe. mary


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