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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Thaw Redux

January Thaw Redux
and Monkton Chronicles

 a giant wind from warmer places pelted the house and melted snow all day yesterday,
the second thaw of the month.
now going back to freezing for awhile.

on the town front, trying to spread the word:

monkton chronicles 1.31.13

Monkton Town Meeting Concerns

We received a message in the grapevine stating that town fathers are
going to vote the 1 million dollar new town hall bond issue at town
meeting instead of letting everyone who has to work for a living come
in and vote it up or down using Australian ballot. Has anyone else
heard this? Posting here, in Monkton, anywhere. Decisions this big and
Taxes this big must not be decided and raised with such tactics.

who to tell??
mary...I am thankful I have readers all over the world,
who perhaps can send some freedom vibes our way.
notes: in Vermont town meetings there can be voice vote and also polling for some big issues and candidates (all day) by paper ballot.
many people have to work and cannot attend the meeting but vote on paper or absentee.


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