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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Psalm Challenge 90

Psalm Challenge 90

Moses breaks it all down
Doesn't matter if he wrote it
or not
or if it was written after the wandering
or not.
it is a simple and powerful song.

Man's plight to be born, live, work, suffer, die
in 70 to 80 years if you are lucky,
then fade to dust.
Like a field of grass, dying and
next spring a whole new crop,
over and over.

Before all that,
God was there,
Before the mountains,
God was there,
And everywhere, always, forever and ever.

Since we men and women and those who cannot be sure who they are,
all live finite lives,
accept that you are
you will live, toil, suffer and die,
someone will be born in your place.

Live as well as you can
in the moment,
do not dwell on your fate as punishment
or see your mortality as

We are given finite days because
we need to value them,
to live in them,
not dreading or dwelling in
yesterday or tomorrow.

My vote is for Moses as the author,

even if someone else channeled his spirit
and message.
The wisdom even in the simple explanation of
the relativity of time.
He compared time to an eternal entity, God,
to the perception by a mortal human.
this demanded a special mind.

Lastly I offer a link to Rick Danko singing playing and writing
When you Awake,
and the simple wisdoms therein

for more interpretations of #90

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  1. I appreciate the way you make things clear.

  2. Very moving thoughts indeed. Admit, that time and limitation of life is one of the few things, which scare me much. Hardly a day passes without me thinking of it. Thank you very much for your work and the help to make it a bit easier.

    Can't really say how much this moved me.

    Thank you very much for your kind effort, attention and participation ! Please have a good new week ahead.

  3. You have recorded a lot of wisdom in your words this week ... thank you.


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