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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interview with a Clone. Chapter 21

Interview with a Clone,

Chapter 21

By Mary E. Gerdt

All rights reserved


Chapter 21

Last Call

Gigi turned on the transmitter. She checked the metrics, the location of Earth satellites, and calibrated the tuners for the best reception. She did a few sound checks, listening with headphones she had first used in flight training. She smiled as she had a pleasant thought, then scribbled on the media box, “Last Call.”

When the rescue ship comes, Gigi wants badly to stay, to stay behind, to become a lone hermit woman, all alone on a Martian island. Just this moment, writing the words, she had a tinge of homesickness for Earth. She checked her own forehead. No fever. Her self Pulse check, was steady. Some other forces or energy seemed to be at play. Maybe it was Dawn’s illness, and Tommy’s impending anger at Gigi. It seemed to be more, and yet Gigi just could not know.

Gigi saw no way out of going back with the rescue ship.

She packed her bags, pretty simple for military personnel like her. Clothes, blanket, mess kit, pillow, personal bag. For souvenirs, 2 Mars rocks were all she wanted to carry. They were allowed up to 5 Earth kilogram equivalents. The little Martian Rubies weighed a few kg each. She was just under 5.

On Earth, Alice prepared to speak on the last radio show before the Mars rescue was scheduled. She already decided there would be no disclosure over the air. Whatever her mother told her posthumously was safe with Alice and Georgia. They swore secrecy except to each other, let the world think there are clones. They needed time to assess how the truth will come out if it is to come out.

“Hello Alice…” Gigi began, upbeat, like she was singing.

“Hello Gigi…” Applause on Mars…They really love “their” Alice Karma,

famous Clone., voice of hope in the desert wilderness.

Alice began by simply reciting what she had for dinner and then she described a movie that was showing.

Just another ho hum day on Earth…

Alice talked about pretty much everything and nothing, just normal everyday stuff. On Mars, the colonists were entranced, hoping themselves that they could get back to Earth, back to the now appreciated humdrum.

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