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Saturday, January 12, 2013

$tatus of the union

monkton chronicles 1.11.13

2013 $tatus of the union

 Gas prices in VT have not budged
 taxes right up there
 taxes right out of boundaries of sustainability
food prices steadily advancing
$omething has to give...or someone, anyone
 and how will we advance through the golden years?

The open meeting law still relies on the citizen to hire
 a lawyer and get all nasty.
Just so readers worldwide & beyond? 
wonder how free free is, how open open is,

they are not open or free without ethical upright primates
 obeying an ethical code, an underlying rulebook,
a framework supporting equal treatment for all.

January thaw here early
 The snow melting, backroads are messy, ice and ruts.
Will go back into cold spell soon enough.

Wishing for reform of Vermont Property Taxes
 and wisely not holding my precious breath.

Girly Girl, our new old cat, is happily curled up on my lap.
Tommy wishes she would go away
 Watching the territorial cats, scrapping over nothing,
at least nothing apparent to me, I see the human in their feline ways.

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