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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Psalm Challenge 88

december 2010 202

“Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the deeps.”

The lonely soul,
departing a painful life,
clinging, clinging to the material world.
Wallowing in the sadness of a lifetime of turmoil and pain.
Finding faith elusive
in the cold heartless dark.
Failing to see the light,
just over there,
forgiving and pure.
Pausing in the extreme shame, sadness, regret
wondering if their Maker is waiting to rescue
testing the faith
of the lonely soul.

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  1. Love it !

    Thank you very much for your kind attention and participation. Please have a good Sunday ahead.

  2. Mary, your poem has picked up the mood of this Psalm so well.

  3. Thanks for comments and to Robert for hosting this world wide free form meme about the Psalms. Took me awhile to grasp, by following, the rhythym of others' posting, and google research of all the permutations. I do better with dark subjects, graveyard talk, death and dying. My career in nursing has involved a lot of tending dying. The alone ones have regrets, sadness, loneliness and search for faith. When I held their hand they were not alone. The photo is of Columbus Smith's tomb at his Shard Villa estate in Salisbury,VT.He too suffered many trials and tribulations.An estate lawyer who traveled to England and worked to become a locally famous man of his time. He lost his children, he and his wife suffered greatly in their royal splendor home.I thought of him as I wrote this Psalm challenge entry.Thought of Mom too but that is just too fresh to process. She would be happy I am studying the Psalms.mary

  4. Gloom and anguish abound in this unique psalm, eh?
    Your poem and comment add a lot to appreciating it.


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