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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Like a jar of pennies,
leap day saves seconds we have left every day
so the humans have a neat tidy calendar
except every 4th solar calendar February.

monk ton news flash...
$1.442 million to teach 160 kids in our little town.
sorry, was a little shocked when fred read me the town report
(civics lesson:our VT property taxes pay for this)

In my 30 something year experience living in Vermont,
Normally (ok, my normally) Leap Day in Vermont
has been frigid, miserable, a cold stinging slap in the face
adding another day to a long and difficult winter.

2012 Leap Day
is milder than normal,
an open winter,
more snow south of here
Great Ski-conditions w/the snow heavy up in the mountains.

Posting on the fly,
gotta get to work.
Happy Leap Day.

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