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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


somehow i found the patience
to calmly explain to annie
that i was not implicating her in
my frustration
with the
medication copay assistance program glossy paper

and still i told her that
i had to express it was wrong
of me to have to pay $250 for 1 month
when they said i only had to pay $35,
it was
you know,
* <---there
do you see it now?
i told annie that when they put an asterisk,
perhaps they should write,
in your case,
$35 is $250...

i told annie, it is not right not to explain exactly what i owed
and she said they changed the rule yesterday
and now 35 is 35
and not 250
and she was sorry,
it does not count for me
for last week
but it would from now on.

i explained to annie,
that if i was not a neuro nurse with 4 years of taking copaxone
(now suddenly happy for 4 years w/no copays, no insurance claims)
so i could see how well it made me
then when i had to deal with a 250$ a month copay,
i would probably say bag the whole mess,
especially after I got a bill for $750 for 30 days
(my 20% copay),
but they said do not worry,
and i thanked annie
and for her mental health i terminated the phone call amicably.

then wondered how i ever could capture my emotion
to put on my blog and i find
myself a little
except what i could squeeze out above,
it does not capture my total feeling
of being a cog,
and suffering the inability to control
this pharma-machine

i read my fellow bloggers w/ms
and what crap we all have to deal with to get
just what i feel are the basics.

hope you do not become incapacitated
the battle w/ the MonSter
or the struggles against


  1. oh...i giggled all through this, i'm sorry. it's your writing style that did it. =)

    been there, done that... 'cept i'm deaf and sigh...have to find someone to do the phone call for me (if it's a phone call problem) then they refuse to talk to me because said person isn't "me" and i'm standing right there saying "it's okay, you can hear me say it's okay to talk to this person, go ahead!" so stupid... too many ***********'s in our life.

  2. Thanks for your comments! I had to make it fun, for annie :0 mary


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