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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Movie

A new tradition, perhaps?
Wednesday movie?
Why not, you must be exhausted from the political blah blah blah...
Why not enjoy a little history.
This movie is of Shard Villa, a care home in Salisbury, Vermont.
I took the photos all on one day 11/10/2009.
This was in the spirit of history.
Columbus Smith died 100 years earlier.
His story, his family story, a long one filled with gaps I cannot explain.
What I know, I have written about a few times and will again, later.
Enjoy for now, this simple movie of the Villa and some quirky issues with the dates
and one ceiling photo came out all black. That was the one
I wanted most-of the blonde woman. I will not explain in paranormal terms,
because I have no proof.
Maybe call it Random Wednesday movie?
see how this one goes...
Shard Villa 2009 by Mary E. Gerdt all rights reserved


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