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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The space between 2

"we were caught” between “two worlds, one dead / the other powerless to be born"
matthew arnold

Do you remember when there was no
space between?
before you emerged,
were born,
& became

When your mother
could not help it,
she caressed your tiny head through
her thinning skin.

And when they cut the cord,
did you feel the cut?
Did you feel the sudden

or was the pain delayed,
your eager eyes ready to take on
the challenge
of a new life?

And when she is there
and you are here,
do you still feel the tug
of the cord?

and do you hear
her voice
late at night
and you look and she is not there,
was she?


  1. Wow, this is a beautiful, powerful poem.

  2. Thank you Judy, I wrote a better one last night I thought and blogger wouldn't let me save-lost it. took it as a sign and tried this morning again. Been thinking about Mom a lot. mary


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