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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preview of next movie

Battle @ Crown Point, NY
French Indian Wars

Have been looking for these pictures awhile.
This was a great re-enactment.
I started to make a movie
have hit a few snags.
So are some preview photos...


  1. I like! =)

    Although I cannot fathom the reality of being there in actual battle.

  2. It was a very great day! The reenactors are so into their parts and it has some sense of how it really is in battle. Thanks for stopping by! Movie coming as soon as I can do file shuffling :)mary

  3. I presume that these people are representing the french it seems and probably an indian ally or two. At least this seems to me to be the case.

  4. French reenactors I think, with Indian Allies. Mohawk probably.

  5. There are more photos on my movie. There were many reenactors from US and Canada. I believe French and Indians, and others. Scottish, Germans, mountain men for hire. Thanks for the comments. have a great week! mary


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