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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Woodchuck Day

The Monkton Chronicles
documenting Woodchuck Day 2012
as being on the milder side of winter,
without snow cover in the valley,
the ground is frozen mostly,
so woodchucks pretty much don't want to come out
in which case
it will be
6 more weeks of winter
or probably longer.
There has been a woodchuck up back
we see in summer, he
would keep his distance, blindly chewing
clover we happily mowed to keep him
Happy Woodchuck Day,
Vermont 2012


  1. This is an interesting post about woodchucks! It feels like spring here today

  2. Thanks Kim! They actually look more like big short legged dogs, like prairie dogs. Enjoy Spring! Mary

  3. The Kamloops Indian Band in British Columbia celebrate woodchuck day as a formal holiday, i.e. no school or work that day.

    The Federal Government required that Indians in Canada have holidays and not having one in February, the band voted to enjoy groundhog day. I am pretty sure that the Kamloops band does not have groundhogs so it must be something imported as are most of the other holidays the celebrate.


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