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Sunday, February 12, 2012

No more Folks, please

In winter's tedious nights, sit by the fire With good old folks, and let them tell thee tales. --Shak. [1913 Webster]

Sometimes you hear a word one too many times.

In fact, (my factual universe), in my opinion stream,
(as a common tribal blogger),
the most overused word in the last few years is


It grates me, like fingernails on a chalk board,
not the fake eraser board crap they make now,
the real old fashioned,
big, all wall,
Do you remember running your nails down a chalkboard in that classroom of the 1950-60's?

Are you really a "Folk"?

(i looked it up finally today, been meaning to, and it has interesting roots if you want,
just google it. discussion points for tribal suppers: tribal? Is this a distinction from the educated class?)

OK, back up. They have an overused word list every year. Somebody does,
someone in the word authority field. As if I am not a word authority myself.
Well, even an amateur status. That is what must make me a

folk blogger. n. informal,unvalidated uneducated science,history journalist, photographer, poet, lover of art, music, medicine
and sharing her limited folk-wit with the world at large
in a non profit but honest folk wage way. may travel in blog packs in the blogosphere. may be blonde :) 

So the word Amazing made the overused word list last year.
And I posted Sean Costello's video of him singing Amazing,
(which was, I am not sorry to say, Amazing!)
Come on, it is a great word to describe amazing things!

So now do you hear the word


and feel like someone is putting you in a tribe?
Like someone is placating the folk?
ah shucks politics again.



  1. I use folks alot. It seems homey. At the same time it probably comes from the cowboy movies i used to watch. certainly not the german idea of folk. so the smart people that say tribe must be german. volkswagen users. das car. das volk.

  2. Lately the over-use has been used to make a distinction between intellectuals and common people. Thanks for the discussion! Have a great week, mary


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