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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Cats

Best Cats
We have never gone
anywhere to
get a cat
or kitten.
Still we have had our share
of tending animals dropped off
or wiggling into our lives.
We started naming the ferals
by their colors.
This was Blacky,
another great cat,
even though she had a hunger for birds.
Blacky is gone now,
I found this old post photo.
We will remember her always
and wish she could have taken
that step to live inside.


  1. Thanks! Hope the snow is melting. Your post still in my top 5 latest most popular posts! have a great weekend! mary

  2. Thanks! Am trying to figure out if I should subtitle my videos. I found the software .... but LOL I am having trouble figuring out what I am saying.

    They are two different languages. It's really hard to be a good interpreter...and well that's kinda funny I think.

    Good to know I'm getting traffic from here! =) =) =)

  3. Oh and the snow is melting but ice is coming in the morning. =(

  4. Yes we need some subtitles. Even if you have moments that are hard to interpret. Your message will go farther:)


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