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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Interview with a Clone Chapter 4

Dr. Susan Wolf stood in front of the crowded U.N. meeting room, people standing in the aisles, crammed together

like no other meeting in recent history.

People were excited to see the “Girl Wonder” who had perfected animal cloning

By the age of 27 and stood in front of a worldwide audience of leaders and said

“Good Morning” in 87 different languages fluently.

Photos of her flying, sailing, skiing, gardening flashed overhead in a

Multimedia video produce by her friend Georgia who sat in the audience.

Georgia watched and was silently critical of her timing on the video, never satisfied and pushed for time,

She would edit it tonight for the next dog and pony show.

Georgia, Susan’s friend, confidante, and now agent, in this cut throat world

Where success often brings demons and dragons in equal proportions.

“Take the bad with the good,” Georgia’s mother used to say.

Dr. Wolf recited the “Good Mornings” and scanned the room relaxed

yet totally alert and engaged. She had a talent for detailed scanning if you will,

Reading the crowd, engaging those who like eye contact, respecting, turning away when needed, a natural Intuitive. She felt it was her sense of smell, observation, memory,

Her sense of nature’s order.

The last photo,

A Monkey,


Dr Wolf paused after the 87th greeting.

The music, once inspiring, stopped.

The murmuring from the naturally rude people


“Corky, my friends, is a clone.”

Then the video, Corky in Susan’s arms, affectionate, kissing

And loving Susan, and Susan loving back.

The audience was there,

Susan was cheered for 5 minutes straight while the video rolled of

The sweet Rhesus monkey and his

Adoptive mother, Dr. Susan Wolf playing, interacting.

Georgia closed her eyes, sighed and smiled a little. This moment was 95% of the battle for funding, buy in, distribution, the global market.

Finally the applause died down.

Susan began, “I understand language…applause….

And I understand Genetics….applause…as a photo of Corky, the captivating monkey

Stood 2 stories tall, inspirational music blaring, infusing the entire room into

Collective bliss.

Language and genetics are connected, similar, complicated, necessary, and

I understand them….applause.

And I know the future of sustainable living on the Earth and other planets like Mars or the Moon, and it was said it

Could never be done.

And I am here to say,


Corky here

(point to the screen…applause…no interpretation needed,

Just Corky’s charming sweet smile)….applause

Corky is the future of our success at space travel

And colonization….applause………..

Gigi Fairweather stood crammed next to the bathroom door listening.

She was a little jealous of her beautiful talented now famous roommate

In Air Force training and college. Still she loved Susan dearly and deep down

Wanted a piece of the action. That moment Gigi vowed to be the first

Captain to Mars and would be part of the first settlers, the first colony,

And she and Susan would do it together.

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