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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lions & lambs

In like a Lion
this year,
March is
my birth month.

Martian horoscope,
Red my color,
Ram is my animal.
First, Headstong,
Like a Lion.

In 6th grade,
I adopted a persona,
Gerby Growler,
My image,
a rough drawn lion face.

I felt sorry for the lions
at St. Louis Zoo when I was younger,
caged, pacing, panting,
now knowing my pet cats,
the lions were confined,
trapped, uncomfortable,
now inconsolable.
What a great day when they opened the lion exhibit
that allowed lions to at least have a little space.
It is still like jail to a cat.

Lions must be free
and balanced by the
lamb, the personality which we also adopt at times
of vulnerability or satisfaction.
(loved the book/song/movie Born Free about lions..)

Lions can be docile but lambs cannot be ferocious.

As a Mary, I have been asked how was my lamb, garden, etc.
Everyone thinks they are funny ha ha. not.
And still, I love the Stevie Ray Vaughn version of "Mary had a Little Lamb"

Back to the weather, in like a lion, March predicted by folk rules
to be out like a lamb,
check back March 31st.

Gerby Growler


  1. Another Ram here. March is a great month! It's come in like a lamb here.

  2. The Rams are first! Thanks for the update, check your weather on the wishes, mary


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