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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More sides of town meeting day

Yes, I know some people may read the title,
sigh & flip back on
animal planet or desperate housewives re runs.

believe me I am doing this to help the future voters in Vermont to be better informed.

I did a little research, never done, re: the traditional town meeting.
Robert's Rules only around since post Civil War c.1865 or later.
He was a military man.
Vermont towns were chartered 250 years ago.
Likely the early genuine source Monkton town meetings were guided by Friend's, Quakers.
Maybe I was in the right meeting, only the wrong year?
In 1820 as a woman I could not have voted. I could however, have elbowed Fred
to ask about changing an article.
I bet the meeting rules of yore would have recognized a Change as an Amendment.
And each voice could have felt free to be voiced.

Here is a good article about town meeting...

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