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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Archives of the First Gen Travelogue

The very first post I did on the old archived Travelogue.
about 4 years ago and first comment,
thanks sis...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Debut of Mary's Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my Travelogue. I hope you are comfortable and feel free to move about the cabin. Please obey the signs when you need to sit or slow down. There may be unexpected turbulence. Try to roll with it. I know, that is not easy to do.
Drink fluids and get plenty of rest.
When stress rears its head, look it in the eye and say, "Who are you?"
Sometimes you will see your own reflection.
Strange, huh?
I was going to add a few more pictures but I am getting used to the new computer and Vista and all the quirks we have to endure when adopting a new computer system.
Don't worry, there will be posts and pictures and web links and ultimately the philosophy of one person who wants to share her thoughts in the hopes that we all can improve and be happier, healthier and satisfied even while
the wind blows through our hair.
If you impulsively subscribe and want to read this blog forever remember where you are. I guarantee by the time this blog turns to ashes you will be long gone too. That is the world according to the rules. I did not write the rules. I only read them outloud.
I wish you all well.
It is worthwhile buying Levon Helm's Grammy award winning latest CD, Dirt Farmer. Go to his website and buy one. He and his wonderful family and co-musicians preserved songs of history and styles of elders. What a beautiful project.
Also watch IMUS in the morning on RFD channel. He helps us get started in the morning in spite (or because) of the off color humor, we can get into our day with a laugh and smile. We marvel at the ranch story. What a great thing Imus and Deidre and donors have done for children with cancer and sickle cell anemia. Having worked in a hospital, their approach is certainly not sterile but clean and uplifting. A stark contrast to the regimented surgeries, protocols, and chemotherapy these kids are subjected to. It is wonderful to see these kids looked at with "normal" eyes. Not the pity look they are used to. These kids are stronger than those around them. They need the tough and hard aproach. Their life is so tough already and they can't show that to Mom or Grandad. This gives them the chance to really lose themselves and forget even for one moment that they have a cancer. Thanks folks. First stop on my trip around the universe.
Good day to you and Yours.
Mary Gerdt 02/13/2008 Rainy,Snowy,Icy day in Vermont


Hi Mary, In trying to respond to your message i ended up creating a page myself by mistake. I really just wanted to respond to you so here goes. I definitely was getting feelings of Starship Enterprise. Thanks for all the good advice. I want to recommend a fabulous book i just finished called Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. It about Daniel's story growing up and being in the world while also being autistic savant. This is a very revealing book and will change the way you think about lots of things. Coincidentally i picked up another book recently not knowing that it was about the same thing but this one is fiction. It's called THe Curious Inciden of the Dog at Night (something like that). Again, a compelling read. I too am now in the land of Vista. So far i like it just fine. I don't have a video card yet so when i do i will send some pictures (if i can figure out how too). Cool idea and i look forward to hearing about your travels in the universe that's so vast that we rarely get to see each other. At least we've got cyberspace. Love...........N


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